Discovering the Best Forex Card for Indian Students

What’s the Top Forex Card for Indian Students Studying Overseas?

Have you ever considered the best Forex card for Indian students in the USA? Are there any particular high-quality cards in the Forex market that every Indian college student can use effectively without any issues? And, ultimately, what are these cards if there are multiple of them?

Generally speaking, Forex cards are among the top choices for managing expenses while travelling internationally. 

These prepaid cards allow students from India and worldwide to load funds from their personal savings accounts and use them at both points of sale (POS) and ATMs abroad. It is considered a highly convenient and secure option for carrying money overseas. 

Over 440,000 Indian students pursued higher education overseas.

However, those who wish to study abroad in the USA should know that In 2021, over 440,000 Indian students pursued higher education overseas. This number continues to rise each year. 

When studying abroad, there are numerous tasks to handle. First is obtaining a Forex card, considered crucial for seamless transactions outside an Indian student’s home country. Selecting the ideal forex card for Indian students in the USA can be daunting. 

We will cover some of the top Forex cards for Indian students to ensure a hassle-free transactional experience in the USA. 

So regardless of whether you are looking for the best Forex card for Indian Students in the UK, USA, or more, we’ll provide you with the most useful list of information: what are these famous Forex cards for students of India in the USA? 

Let’s get the full list, shall we?

#1 HDFC Bank Forex Card

HDFC Bank provides a variety of Forex cards. Some of them are very well known as the following ones:

ISIC Student Forex Plus Card
Regalia Forex Plus Card
Multi-currency Forex Plus Card.

These Forex cards are specifically tailored to cater to the specific requirements of Indian students studying overseas.

In addition to functioning as a forex card for currency transactions, it also serves as a globally accepted identification card.

This dual functionality simplifies expense management for students in the United States and facilitates identity verification as needed at HDFC Bank for ISIC students.

Unique characteristics of the HDFC Forex cards

Among the unique characteristics of HDFC forex cards are the following ones:

There’s a possible foreign exchange fee.
There are no unstated interbank rates.
You cannot expect the delivery within the same 24 hours.
Expect a  500 INR issuance cost.
A 75 INR reloading fee. 

#2 ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card

The ICICI Bank Student Forex prepaid card is tailored for Indian students in the USA, offering convenience and flexibility in managing finances abroad. This particular card is known to include and support completely diverse currencies.

It presents a fantastic choice over traditional payment methods such as the following ones:

International credit cards
Traveler’s cheques. Getting the card is easy—just visit your nearest Forex branch or download the ICICI iMobile app to get started.

Note that this particular card’s characteristics include the following features:

A five-day delivery
Established rates that generally exceed interbank benchmarks.
No discount on wire transfers, and more. 

#3 Yes Bank Forex Card

Students from India can use the Yes Bank Forex Card more easily to make payments in the United States. Visa, which is the famous company behind the Yes Bank Forex card, supports transactions in fourteen different currencies.

Crucial advantages of this particular card include the following:

Competitive interbank exchange rates
Same-day delivery
No fees for loading or unloading funds
Cashback offers for students
The option to pay later.

#4 Fly Finance Forex Card

When discussing the top forex cards for Indian students, we would like to start our list with Fly Finance, which stands out as a leading choice. It is a renowned card for its international financial services tailored to students.

According to Indian students, this card is among the best providers in India. The company collaborates with multiple partners to issue Forex cards to students heading abroad. 

These partnerships allow Fly Finance to offer Forex cards at rates lower than those available in the market. 

Here are some key features of the Fly Forex Card:

Affordable Transactions: Fly Finance offers the lowest transaction costs and minimal or zero forex markup fees.
Quick Application: The Fly Finance forex card application process is swift, with onboarding completed within 2 minutes of submission.
Competitive Exchange Rates: Fly Finance provides real-time exchange rates that are more favourable than most banks offer.

#5 Niyo Global Card by DCB Bank

The Niyo Global Card, provided by DCB Bank, functions as a digital savings account offering a competitive 7% interest rate and excluding foreign exchange markup fees.

It supports loading Indian Rupees (INR) and enables transactions in more than 130 global currencies without extra fees. 

There is no fee for card issuance, and users can make free domestic ATM withdrawals up to three times a month, with charges applied afterwards.

Notable advantages include access to international lounges, a user-friendly mobile application featuring a Global ATM Locator, and exemption from Tax Collection at Source (TCS) on international expenditures up to INR 7 lakhs annually.

#6 Wise Borderless Card

Among the greatest Forex cards for international students are Wise Borderless Cards. They are great for offering inexpensive international transfers. If Indian students utilize this forex card, they can quickly make large and small payments in local currency. 

It’sIt’sth mentioning that the card is becoming one of the greatest Forex cards for overseas students because of its growing popularity and simple online application process. 

Take a look at the main attributes below:

Forex Card of Wisdom

It’s completely online card that enables students to transfer their funds wherever they wish on a global scale. They can do so in more than sixty diverse currencies.
There are over 45 diverse currencies, with the ability for students to monthly withdraw up to INR 25,976  ($350).
Students can get their Wise multi-currency account if they’re not only in the USA but also in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe.
It enables students to have low exchange rate fees with this card.
There are no formalities for transferring their funds to their country of origin.

#7 IndusInd Student Forex Cards

IndusInd Bank provides top-notch Forex cards in partnership with Visa or Mastercard, accepted worldwide. Students can handle their international expenses conveniently with competitive exchange rates. 

Card reloading options include online banking, debit/credit cards, or visiting an IndusInd branch.

Key Features:

It supports loads up to 14 different currencies
Enhanced security with Chip & PIN protection
Suitable for online transactions
Includes emergency assistance and insurance coverage.


No issuance fees
Moderate ATM withdrawal charges.

Differences between Forex card and Debit card

If you’re wondering about the main differences between Forex and debit cards, here’s what you need to understand:

Forex Card Characteristics

When you use a Forex card, you load it with a significant amount of foreign currency of your choice. This amount is fixed at the exchange rate at the loading time, providing stability.
It typically involves lower international transaction fees, making travel and expenses abroad cost-effective.
If your Forex card, for example, gets lost or stolen, you can get a replacement with the remaining balance intact, ensuring security and peace of mind.
It comes preloaded with a set amount, making managing expenses straightforwardly without worrying about exceeding limits.

Debit Card Characteristics

A debit card is by a direct route linked to your bank account. It allows you to spend money in the local currency of the country you’you’re’you’retherent exchange rate.
However, using a debit card for international transactions often incurs higher fees, including international transaction charges and possibly ATM withdrawal fees.

If your debit card is lost or stolen, unauthorized access to your bank account balance could jeopardize your finances.
You need to adhere to the spending limits set by your bank, which may restrict your spending flexibility compared to a Forex card.

Essential Tips for Choosing an Indian Student Forex Card

Whether you’re looking for the best Forex card for Indian students in Canada or the best Forex Card for Indian Students in Germany, it’sit’stcrit’slknow how to pick the best one.

Remember that choosing the right Forex card is crucial for Indian students living or studying in the USA, ensuring seamless financial transactions. 

Here are key tips for selecting the perfect Forex card:

The first step should be to understand out your financial needs based on where you live and how you spend. Decide if a card that handles just one currency or multiple currencies fits you better.
Compare the features and perks different Forex cards offer to find one that meets your needs. Check out cards that give discounts or special deals for students.
Before you apply for any Forex card, do your homework. Read reviews and ask other students for advice so you can choose wisely.

Bottom line

We have listed only some of the best Forex charts that every Indian student should know before choosing one. By all means, thoroughly research and read all key features and reviews before choosing the right one for you!

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